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Day 19... and Roller Disco

I'm far behind my schedule:) The weekend was hectic but on the other hand so lazy:/ How's it possible?!?!?!

The kids are little nightmares. This week even more then before. Even now I hear them shouting, screaming and punching each other. What a lovely way to behave;/ I really need a solution and I need it fast. Like ASAP fast!!

Ok let's move to more pleasant stuff:) Weekend in London:D And a lovely one to add:)

So let's start with Friday and Roller Disco, and next posts will follow soon:)


WHAT??  Basically a disco but on roller skates:) Great atmosphere, great music, and great fun. Two skating arenas keeps the fun rolling, four fully licensed bars. Indoor and outdoor seating areas. Arena 1 - Classic Disco & Funk Arena 2 - House and Eclectic "Skate Adventure"

WHERE??  Roller Disco @ The Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall, London.

As you can see on the picture (thank God for the Internet and Google Maps- without it I would be so lost:P) the disco is very close to Bus Station, Underground and Train Station, so it's really easy to get to. I live in Dulwich so my trip was from Dulwich to Brixton by Bus nr 3, than Brixton Underground Station to Vauxhall Underground Station by Victioria line (it is only 1 stop on the way: Stockwell, and than Vauxhall so it's a short journey). It took us around 5 min (7 in high heels:P) to get to the right place:) It's a bit tricky to get there but if you're good with maps it's a piece of cake:P

WHEN??  From Thursday till Sunday every week. Each day has different time of opening and closing. You can check it on FB or their website. I provided the links at the bottom of the post:)


Thursday: £10 full price, includes skate hire
£7.50 on the door with own skates
£6 inc skate hire, with student card/NUS (the card must show a valid expiry date, sorry no exceptions)

Friday: £12.50
Saturday: £15 ( £14 internet pre-booked tickets )


It was F***ing awsome!! Sorry for swearing but it was fabulous indeed:D I had sooooo much fun that I'm definately coming back:) Maybe next week:) So if anybody's interested just post a comment;) 
They've got two skating arenas: one plays a 70's music, while the other serves a bit more modern hits;) I enjoyed both of them:) They provide the equipment, wrist guards and there is even an instructor skating nearby if you're completely useless:P They have drinks and food (I wouldn't recommend drinking alcohol if you're not good with skates since you may kill yourself and others in progres:P)

The things that I enjoyed the most is that you can dress up!! In whatever you like:) It is so awsome:)


+ great music
+ lots of fun... and exercise as well:P
+ eqipment to borrow so you don't need to have your own rollers
+ trained stuff
+ very cultural people


- for a regular Au Pair, that doesn't earn much, the price can be a bit steep, but once in a while you can indulge yourself in a  huge amount of fun:)


I definately recommend it!! It gave me so much fun that I want to go there again:) and soon:) it something different that lunches or meeting for drinks in Central:)

5 out of 5

For more information you can visit their website Roller Disco, where you can see the photos from different events. They also have a Facebook page Roller Disco FB. You can also check their Youtube account.

Source of pictures: Roller Disco Website

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