czwartek, 2 lutego 2012

Day 25.... and an extra work...

As I told you earlier (oh maybe I didn't, damm you mum&dad for this rubbish memory!!:P) I'm trying to find some extra job apart from being an Au Pair. 70 pounds a week is not enough to keep partying through the weekend, travelling through the whole week and doing shopping!! Especially not shopping. So I already send some CV's and was on constant look out for something part time, when a friend of mine told me about a job opening at a Horniman museum in a cafe:) I went there today with my friend and guess what:) I probably got the job:) I say probably because they are suppose to call me and set up a day for my training:) So until I'm not working properply, let's say I'm not having this job:) I don't want to jinx it;)

And another thing is that the guy was talking about minimum wage (he said 5 pounds), but minimum wage is 6,08 per hour. My HM says that he wants to take advantage of me. So on my next meeting I need to play hard!! But if I won' get it that's ok:) My first priority is being an Au Pair. If I can find something extra to get more money that would be great. But if not that's ok as well.

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